Stank Face Moment Series: He Doesn’t Just Show Up. He shows OUT!

“Open my eyes to see the wonderful truths in your instruction. -Psalms 119: 18

 I loveeee when God shows up and shows out! I pray that the words in this post leave my mind and fingers in the manner in which my Lord intended them.

As I was doing my scripture reading in 2 Kings 6:8-23, God took my blinders off and hit me with some genuine wisdom. Lately, I’ve been feeling ridiculously overwhelmed, confused, and frustrated on my job. Call me a ball of emotions if you want, but a sistah is “inundated with the most.”  I feel pressure from the city-wide leadership, my immediate supervising leadership, as well as the children, families, and communities I work alongside. Stress has been knocking on every door and window in my home and I’ve been peeking through the curtains and blinds and tip-toeing in my house as though a bill collector is at my door.

I’ll speak for myself on this one when I say, when the pressure gets to be too much, or the heat kicks me out the kitchen, I have a tendency to go inward. I try to search myself, tears are shed, confusion and anger kick in, and worst of all, I close my eyes. It’s difficult to think clearly when you’re confused. It’s challenging to see clearly when it’s foggy. When my hands block my face due to fear of too many armies around me, I can’t see.

In the scripture I referenced above, Elisha was the successor of Elijah. Elisha had a servant who was extremely fearful of the King of Aram and his plans to mobilize troops to seize Elisha. Here’s where I come into the picture. God began to show me this is my very circumstance on my job. King of Aram and his troops are the individuals on my job that I am feeling the intense pressure from. The rest is HISstory. Check out 2Kings 6:16-23. After I read this, I was done! Stank face moment with an extra turd on it! (This message would serve soo much more justice as a vlog, but my literary expression will have to suffice for now.)

Elisha goes on to tell the servant, ‘Do not be afraid! For there are more on our side than on theirs.” God told me, “Look, I AM by your side, and I created them, so now what? Everything in creation bows before me and I AM by YOUR side. HOW are you going to fear that army now?????Elisha prays for the servant’s eyes to be opened and for God to let him SEE. Whew! Then God opens the servant’s eyes and allows him to see the horses and chariots of fire on Elisha’s side. {Watch for the stank face transformation.} Next, Elisha prays for the Aramean army to be blinded. God turns around and has Elisha walk out to the very army that came to seize and probably kill him for disobeying King Aram, and says in my words not God’s- lol..” Let me holla at ch’yall. Yall done came the wrong way. This isn’t the city yall looking for. Let me take yall bout 10 blocks up the street to the man yall looking for.” At this point, my eyes were glued to my pages of the Bible, anticipating how God was going to show out next.

Elisha takes them to the other city, and prays that God would now open the eyes of the Aramean army. God opens their eyes and they begin to realize that they are now in the middle of Samaria. Catch this part. Then the King of Israel says, “My father, should I kill them. My father, should I KILL them.?”  (Yep, he said it twice.) Now this is the point at which I had to stand up and pace my living room to finish reading the rest of the scripture. Elisha replied, “Of course not! Do we kill prisoners of war? Give them food and drink and send them home to their master.”  PAUSE, if this was not the epitome of killing them with kindness, I don’t know what is.

To break it down into layman’s terms- The Aramean army came to the city to see what was really hood? They had beef and they were about to do something about it. Elisha told the servant not to be afraid and then asked God to open the servant’s eyes to show him truth. The servant’s eyes were opened and He saw God’s glory on his and Elisha’s side. Elisha prays for God to close the armies eyes, and he steps out and goes to rap with the blinded army. He flips the script on’em, and tells them they’re at the wrong place. He informs them that HE will take them to the other city and the man they are looking for. So, the army is being bamboozled right before their own eyes and don’t even realize it, because God is flexin. Elisha prays for the army’s eyes to be open and the army discover that they are in Samaria. The King of Israel asks  Elisha should he off them (count’em 2 times) and Elisha tells him no! He tells the King that’s not the way we roll round here. Even though they came to off us, let’s be kind and give’em some of that good ole’ home cooking that mama just whipped up and then send’em home.  Where dey do that at!!!??? I LOVVVEEE ME SOME JESUS!!

The point of this all, is God is trying to inform me that He is opening my eyes to show me  He is by my side. Although the “army” appears daunting, there is no reason for me to be afraid because He CREATED that army to bow down to HIM and PRAISE HIM WORTHY. Psalm 145:21 says “Let every creature praise his holy name for ever and ever.”   The Lord can blind and reveal truth to whomever He desires. He has the power to double-back on you and show you His Glory. Who knows, perhaps one day soon, I’ll be feeding the “army” I am facing now. Just when I thought God was going to give that army a piece of his mind, as His character has always promised, He LOVES on them instead.

I pray for God to open myand every reader’s eyes and ears and to glean wisdom and understanding to execute in alignment with His word. In Jesus mighty name I pray, Amen.

En paz,

His Daughter

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Double Dose Saturday (2 posts today!!)

One day, I will be able to articulate my response to this poem….SPEECHLESS. Noooo, that’s not it. For now, Stank Face Moment (Check out previous Stank Face Series Posts:))  is all I can say. God bless the vessel in this video bearing this message. Kudos to Ms. Planted Treasure! for sharing this with me.

En paz,

His Daughter


I was hesitant to share this post just yet. Mainly, because I haven’t come to terms with it myself. However, I gave my word that this blog would chronicle my journey of self-discovery through Christ and in so doing, reflect TRUTH. So…here it goes. BIG UPS to my sister who has been continually mentioning this amazing book she is reading. Inquisitive me, I decided to Google it for myself. Boiiiii, when I say today my life was changed, mmmmhhh. #SPEECHLESS#

Perhaps, I’m late on hearing about Pastor Francis Chan and his PHENOMENAL book, Crazy Love, but better late than never! Today, I watched this video and completely lost control of my emotions. I mean, I balled like a baby. Never before, have things relating to my spirituality been made THIS transparent, clear, and concise to me. I still am at a loss for words.  (PAUSE: Take a moment to watch the video below in it’s entirety before you continue to read the rest of this post. No, really-watch the ENTIRE video first!)

I trust that you are reading these words because you just finished watching the entire video clip. Now let me explain to you why I responded with a tub full of tears after watching this video. The first thought that surfaced in my mind was, “Why does God love me so much???” All I could do was ask myself this a million times over. I don’t understand why He loves me so much. To be frank, God doesn’t need us. He is THE author and finisher, THE creator, THE king, THE alpha and omega. He does not need us little human beings one bit. To make it clearer–He’s good, he’s straight. Yet, the significant thing is, we NEED Him. The Bible clearly states that without Him we are nothing. So why does He love me SOOO much??

There I was, reflecting on my sins and shortcomings and gazing at all the blessings He has bestowed upon my life and the millions of times He has never left me nor forsake me. I reminisced on the fact that I go day in and day out without constantly seeking ways to give Him glory. Yet, He sent His only son to die the most brutal death ever recorded, so that I could live and live more abundantly. Still, I wonder, “Why does He love me so much??”

I practically beat myself up with this question until I realized that, that was not the question I should have been asking. The question I needed to ask myself is  (warning this may sound blasphemous to some, but I’m being honest for my sake and yours) “Why don’t I love Him as much as He loves me??” Stank face moment* Seriously, I asked God a question and this is the answer He gave me in the form of a question. It is sooooo on point! Why don’t I love Him as much and in the same way He loves me????

I could sit here and type a falsehood that I mimic God in His love for me, but I’m going to be honest because that is the only way for me to develop and progress from my current mindset. Do you see why I was a bit hesitant in sharing this? I don’t have a complete response to this revelation. I don’t understand God’s love yet. I want to so badly, but my level of awareness on this particular subject has not been heightened just yet. There are so many elements to this conversation, but I haven’t processed them yet. Please post your comments on this post. I would love to hear your thoughts.  

My mission right now is to learn about, understand, and develop a relationship with GOD on a level that I NEVER imagined. I am TRULY ready to learn who MY FATHER is.

En Paz,

His Daughter

Stank Face Moment Series..

“What a sad thing it is to see yet have no vision” -Helen Keller

I pray you open your ears, eyes, and hearts to understand this message.*

What a sagacious quote this is!! As many of you may know, the profundity of this quote is reflected in the author herself-Ms. Helen Keller. Helen Keller was blind and deaf. Thus to acknowledge the fact that these very words escaped her mind in this methodical manner is nothing short of genius to me. You definitely have to have a unique perspective on life to formulate a thought such as this. Can you see my stank face metamorphosis evolving…:)

Jesus knew that effective leadership began with a clear vision. His vision tells us 1. who we are, 2. where we are going, and 3. what will guide our journey. Jesus’s leadership style is the only thing that enabled the disciples to be successful.

Proverbs 29:18 “Where there is no vision, the people will perish.”

As I’m writing this, I’m starting to ponder the different visions I have in my life. Do I know who I am? Do I know where I am going? Do I have an idea of how to get there? Am I actively working to see the larger picture? Two incredible authors-Blanchard and Hodges state, “A vision, or view of the future, is an ongoing, evolving, hopeful look into the future that stirs the hearts and minds of people who know they will never see its end or limit.” This definition couldn’t be closer to the truth. Your vision MUST BE  LARGER than you! I have so many visions that scan my spiritual and family life, career trajectory, personal relationships, and world view. Are you currently holding fast to any visions?

 The lesson/message that I want to bring to the forefront in this post is the fact that some of us have eyes to physically see, yet we lack vision (the larger picture in the horizon). Dig deeper to really internalize what I am attempting to explain here. Your eyes may allow you to see in living color, but are you really SEEING? Some of us have eyes, but our sight is literally impaired. Yet, we can SEE the blessings of 10 years from now.

My question is, what do you SEE? What is your VISION? What are you lacking in the VISUAL arena? Just some food for thought. Dig Deep!

 En paz,

His Daughter

Ultimate Stank Face??..

Mmmmhh… Is all I can say! I am SPEECHLESS, AMAZED, and poised with the most horrendous stank face imaginable!LOL..Could this be the ultimate stank face moment?? The video in this post…..Ouuuu Weeeeee!!! Words cannot describe what you are going to think or feel after you watch this one. My face was literally rearranged as I watched this video and goose bumps surfaced on my skin. No more talking. I’ll let you see for yourself. Shout out to this anointed brotha!! I can’t wait to hear more:) Thanks Jas!

Quick update: Today is the last day of my challenge. Whatever things are… praiseworthy.

En paz,

His Daughter

Good, Great, Hollly Friday! Do I Sense a Stank Face Moment?


Thank you Jesus!! Where else could I begin?? Today is a gorgeous day of remembrance family! It’s Earth Day, Great Friday-the very commemoration of Our Lord and Savior’s suffering and death on the cross for our sake! Hmm..when I say I’ve never seen more stank face moments than this one, I mean it from my heart! (Check out my earlier Stank Face Post Series*.) Allow me to take you through an “evolution,” if you will, of the “stank faces” for this phenomenal day. Let’s see just how stank you can get..LOL. (I wish I had a progression chart to mimic these faces..hilarious!)

1. Christ our teacher, for OUR sake you were obedient even to accepting death,
 (How many of us would lose our lives for some repeat sinners??? For some people who do wrong, know they did wrong and continue to do wrong?)
– teach us to obey the Father’s will in all things.

2. Christ our life, by YOUR death on the cross you destroyed the power of evil and death, (
 How many of us would take on such a formidable task??)
– may we die with you, to rise with you in glory.

3. Christ our King, you became an outcast among us, a worm and no man,
(How many of us would have switched the game up to receive a high approval rating with our friends and family, throwing Christ under the bus along the way? People pleasing is a real issue in today’s society.)
– teach us the humility by which you saved the world.

4. Christ our salvation, YOU gave yourself up to death out of love for US,
(How many sinning strangers would you take a bullet to the head for?) 
– help us to show your love to one another.

5. Christ our Savior, on the cross YOU embraced all time with your outstretched arms,
(How many of us would have willingly gone to the cross knowing we would suffer HOURS of physical pain and discomfort and HUMILIATION?)
– unite God’s scattered children in your kingdom of salvation.

6.He asked God to forgive those who killed tortured and killed Him during the very moments of His death! (Where dey do dat at??? Only Jesus would be that LOVING to plead with God to forgive those that stabbed Him, whipped Him, dug nails into His wrists, implanted thorns into His head…ughhh..need I say more? I LOVE HIM!

 I have the utmost respect for my Father! I confess that I mess up daily and I am forever grateful for His enduring patience, mercy, love, and grace! I pray one day I will be a true and glimmering reflection of His heart. A servant leader just like my Father. I know the trials I endure, will never compare to His suffering and agony on the cross. I pray that we all emulate His bravery and tenacity in focusing on GOD’S will for His life. I am soo humbled to have an INCREDIBLE father like Jesus and thankful beyond comprehension. All I can do is bow down to Him.

The resulting stank face, lol.*

En paz,

His Daughter*

Stank Face Moment Series ;)

Today was a deep “revelation” day! Have you ever been enlightened to the point it makes you wanna smack somebody?? Ok, maybe not smack somebody, but it blows you and opens your mind so wide that all you can do is make the “stank face.” I’m talking about the kind of face that you make after you hear somebody ssaaaannnggg..not sing…but saanngg, blow, belt… me just get to the point. (Today, I’ll share a snippet of my revelation. I have to wait until I formulate the right words to relay my other “ignited moment-trust me, it’s deeper than this one y’all”.)

Tomorrow I will get some pretty B.I.G. news. News that will impact my life in a MAJOR way. It will determine an aspect of my life’s direction over the next several years. This morning, I begin to feel nervous about it. I wasn’t so nervous about what the outcome would be, I was nervous about people’s reaction to that outcome. I was looking at things from an exam of pass or fail. Would “they”-people who are not God,  judge me if I fell short of their expectations? I thought about calling a few friends, in search of security and I’m GLAD God stopped me. It took a few hours, a lot of walking, some cows, a gorgeous white peacock, and horses, but by the time I arrived back home, there He was, ready to knock some sense into my brain.

He simply said, “Don’t go with the FLOW of your feelings child. Instead choose to believe My promises.”{Hello…is this not a stank face moment?} I was done! No need to say anymore Lord. God promised me that this decision has already been made in His book. All there is left is for “them” to reveal it to me. If the verdict is yes, that’ll be good and I will know God’s will has been done. If the verdict is no, that’ll also be good and I will know God’s will has been done. My reactions and responses need not be dictated by the expressions of ANYONE in this world. As I stated in previous posts, I have 1 director and 1 audience, and that is my Heavenly Father. People do not define me! Only My Father has this power and right.

That being said… I’m chillen. I’m resting in God’s peace because I am assured that His will is being done and no one elses. He always has a plan for me. As God was revealing all of this to me, I started to think of the journey He is bringing me through. All I could do was thank Him. Joyce Meyer once said, “When you are going through something, the good news is that you are ‘going through’ something and ultimately you will come out on the other side with a victory that can’t be taken away.” Praise the Lord for speaking through this woman!

I liken it to a journey through a house. At one point, I was kicking and screaming while the Holy Spirit was dragging me to the house. Resistance like no otha’. Then, God taught me about yielding and I found myself at the front door of the house, a bit hesitant to go in and confront what lurked behind the doors. He pacified me a little more and put out His hand and we started walking through the house. So far, some rooms have been really grimy, filled with filth. Others have been dark. While others have a few rays of sunshine beaming through the windows. Sometimes I get scared, but I remember whose hand is guiding me through the house and I sigh in relief. I must say, I’m encouraged by what He promised awaits me on the back patio when I actually make it “through” the house. Sometimes I can’t contain my excitement. But then, He always reminds me–“Honey, focus on the room we are in. You’ll never make it to the future if you don’t live in the present.”

Stank face moment numero uno 😉

En Paz,

His Daughter