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My Last Post: The End is the Resurrection for the Beginning

IMG186-1It’s no secret that my last post on this blog was FOREVER ago! Yet, how ironic is it that my latest post, is my last post. As I lay in bed this morning, I felt strongly compelled to write a post  clarifying this chapter in my life and allowing myself to gently pass on to the next in peace. When I started this blog, I used it as a form of therapy for me. I used it to help me to bear the “birthing pains” of which I was a novice to and not yet spiritually mature enough to comprehend. I used it as a way to release my tears, my fears, my curiosities, my struggles, my growth, and my development. I used it as a way to chronicle my journey back to truth in hopes that it would help others do the same.

Words cannot express what this blog has meant to me and how it has helped me. I thank each and every one of you who sent me messages of encouragement and even those that allowed me to yield as a vessel of His to help support you through your difficult times. I must admit, there were many posts I wish I could have shared with you over the past year that detailed the beginning of a new level of spirituality that I started in 2012. However, I believe nothing happens without purpose and hence there will soon be a greater vehicle for me to communicate, share, and encourage you on.

One thing that struck me so this morning was the title of this blog. The inspiration for the title of this blog came from a Frederick Douglas quote that states, “Without struggle, there is no progress.” My interpretation of this led me to believe that there is nothing that is accomplished without first extreme struggle. Overtime, I have begun to understand this quote in a very different manner. Indeed, sometimes we must struggle a bit before we see the manifestation of our desires just as a baby learns to fall several times before mastering the art of walking. However, as children of the most High God, there is sooo much that we are not required to struggle for in order to gain. God’s Kingdom unfolds in perfect order without much help from us. Take for instance your breathing in this moment, the rising of the sun, the formation of your hands as an embryo, or the sequence in which a seed sprouts into a flower. These are all mechanisms that don’t require struggle on our part. Yet they unfold perfectly in God’s wisdom. Oh what joy! My message is to trust Him.

I state this is my last post because I believe He is prompting me to share with you on a deeper level in a different way. I believe this blog will forever serve as a platform of documented wisdom that I believe is very valuable. In fact, I have absolutely no REGRETS about this blog. Nevertheless, it’s come to a time for me to naturally grow to a new level. In much the same way a baby doesn’t remain a baby forever or a caterpillar doesn’t remain in that state forever. Both, with love will blossom into that which they were created to become. And that, my family is the process of life: continual growth and forward movement.

I pray this blog has and does inspire you. I pray you will visit it occasionally to receive chronicled wisdom and maybe even refer people to it that are currently going through similar experiences. I pray you understand my heart and truth as you read this. I pray I will interact with you on my next platform. Overall, I pray you continue in peace, love, joy, and with the spirit of continually allowing Him to move your life forward.

Signing out with love & hugs,

His daughter*