Sweet, Sweet Aroma..

ImageAhh, how refreshing it is to see this blog page at 1 am in the morning…lmbo! Who knows why I am still awake at this hour….Anywho, I know it’s been a while, but for pretty darn good reason! There’s been so much that has transpired in the last couple of months. Can we say, “Our Father PROMOTES!! YESSSIRR HE DOES.” To make a long story short, I have several new opportunites on my plate and I am highly thankful for them! Singin…glorryyy, glorrryyy!!

One thing that has really been ringin’ true in my soul is that perfection is a process. Anything that is worth having takes time to receive. Certainly, I don’t mind waitin’ on Jesus! I used to operate in this mindset that everything had to happen at an appointed time and I had to mark off a list of things to make them happen. Boy, was I in the wrong. I’ve realized that I desire for my Father to work in me and perfect me. I desire to be ready for the next promotion He has for me. Whether that be in my spiritual life, career, romantic life, or family life-I desire to be READY. Preparation plus Opportunity surely does equal Success!

Tonight, or rather this morning, (lol) my mind is focused on walking as the blossomed woman of God my Father has transformed me into. What a beautiful thing that is! I envision a tulip blooming from a bud everytime I say it.Oh how I love tulips! Just like a tulip, it doesn’t get that gorgeous over night.The essence of her fragrance does not manifest in a moment’s time. It takes plenty of time and nuturing for that tulip to radiate as Our Father has perfectly designed it to exist. I’m just like that tulip and I’m allowing my Father to bring me into full season! He came so that I can have an ABUNDANT life and ALL of my fitting desires given unto me. Why should I settle for any less?

In the meantime, my prayer is that you let Him work on you. Perhaps, you are a rose that grew from concrete, or you’re a tree that has been through the pain of an unsettling childhood. Whatever your circumstance is, whatever circle you are standing in-that’s really what a circumstance is, remember you don’t have to continue to stand in it if you desire better for your life just as Our Father does. Ask Him for wisdom. Tell Him that you’ve messed up. Tell Him that you desire to live right as His child. Tell Him you want all of Him. Tell Him you are hurt and bruised and need help. Then thank Him that you are healed by His stripes. Watch Him work in you! You are going to be amazed as He brings you the desires of your heart and transforms you into the very being He created you to be.

As I stated before, I don’t mind waiting for the desires of my heart because I know my Father is perfecting all that concerns me. I trust and believe that He is working a miracle in my life as well as those I am surrounded by.Keep believing!

En paz,

Virtuous woman*


2 thoughts on “Sweet, Sweet Aroma..

  1. Struggle2progress,

    I find your thoughts on achieving the desires of your heart through the heavenly father to be so profound. I have to say that reading your posts has really uplifted my spirit. I really resonated with the post you made about allowing your loved ones to grow past their fears & negative life experiences. I know firsthand whats its like to be brought down by some one elses fear. If you have the time i would like some advice on a past relationship. I met a guy a couple months back who had really been through a lot; Moreso than I had ever heard of. At the time he was with some one, but we bonded so much that as he put it ” it woke him up to the trouble that once was his paradise”, and he ended that relationship. We bonded through our experiences, but it was experience that also broke us (his past experiences with women, i should say). It seemed as though he wouldn’t let go of his past, & he let it affect a potential future that we could have had. What broke me the most was that I found that he would use his “job” as a reason to not pursue our relationship. I’m not against doing anything to become successful, but I am against using “success” as a shield to face some of the obstacles that come with love. He didn’t seem to have a grasp on what love was, & as quickly as our relationship started, is as quickly as it ended. Love to him was theory… It was replaceable… It was impatient & intolerant.. . It was… Nothing. In the beginning, he was more passionate about the potential of our relationship than I was, he saw the plan, but could not execute it. It may sound silly, but I thought that as an older man, I would be scott free of all the descrepancies that many men my age hinder; I was SO wrong. Love is something to me, not everything. This was my first love, & it scarred me the most. How should I proceed with future relationships? Is it safe to be fearless again?

    Please guide me with any relationship wisdom you may have.

    A 21 year old broken heart.

    • Jahne,
      Let me first say, thank you so much for your thoughful words and your comment. It is such a pleasure to meet you! I am thankful that God is using me as a vessel to touch you. It’s weird, this message never made it to my e-mail. I would have responded sooner. I actually just happened to see a pending message. It’s interesting what the enemy will do to try to block healing. Nonetheless, I am thankful that Our Father led me to this message. I’ll first say, that I am not an expert on relationships nor can I dictate what you ultimately decide to do. Rather, I have prayed for wisdom to share with you and I will also pull from my own life’s experience. #1 YOU ARE NOT SCARRED. NEVER ALLOW THOSE WORDS TO COME OUT OF YOUR MOUTH. You will become what you say. You are just as beautiful and worthy as you were before you entered that relationship. That relationship was just an experience that you were blessed to go through. It was a strengthening point for you. Age has no bearing on maturity level in men or women for that matter. You’ll definitely notice that with time. One would think it would, but it doesn’t. From what you wrote me, you seem to have hit the nail right on the head: your former boyfriend was juggling a past that he allowed to identify him. It appears that he hadn’t reached that level of widsom/awareness/maturity where he was able to separate the circumstances he’d been through with who God called him to be. It isn’t a process that happens overnight and if he was dealing with A LOT in his past, that would make the situation evern more difficult. Not to say that he didn’t want that level of wisdom, but he may not have known how to get it. Oftentimes we don’t know different until we are exposed to different. I don’t doubt that he loved you, I’m sure he loved you very much and wanted to make it work, he was just not ready to part with that portion of his life that constantly reared its ugly head: his past. Many people fall prey to allowing their past to identify them. As much as they try to convince themselves that it doesn’t, the more they bring up their past and it ends up defining them. Its a sad self-fulfilling prophecy.If they would just acknowledge their past and move on and not speak of it and begin to identify with who GOD says they are, they would see the TRUTH. In terms of your future relationships, I would say continue to be you and allow the wisdom of GOD to lead you to what is good for you. As a woman you are blessed with the gift of intuition. Follow it. The Holy Spirit will never lead you wrong. Don’t carry this baggage into your next relationship. Enter with a clean slate and experience it for what it is. We are all on a journey to become who God has called us to be-our best selves. As far as your former boyfriend, you have to let him go so he can grow to the point where he is sick and tired of letting his past define him. When he reaches that point and actually makes a change to alter his direction, he’ll be on the path to growth. Unfortunately, we can’t force people to change as much as we would like to. Let him go and allow him to grow. Who knows, if he is the desire of your heart, perhaps GOD will restore the 2 of you as 2 whole complete, unique, spirits of GOD. Be encouraged and continue to seek God. He WILL lead you!

      En paz,
      His Daughter

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