A loving silence often has far more power to heal and to connect than the most well-intentioned words…..

Today I had a conversation with a stranger. A stranger that once walked this earth, yet whom I did not know while he was here. It sounds odd and it may as well be, but it was one of the most illuminating conversations I’ve had in a couple months. To say the least, it gave me such peace. I hesitated in writing this message, but I felt like since this is a part of my truth, I should share it. It all started with a dream I had last night. One in which I actually don’t fully understand. Then, I found myself in conversation today with words and what I believe to be “truth” being placed in my mouth and being spoken aloud.

See it’s one thing to be uncertain about your words, but it’s another thing to have understanding come to you through words in which you do not understand where they came from. It’s difficult for me to really explain this message, in part because I don’t fully understand it myself. There’s more that I could share with this message, but it’s possible that I am premature in my timing. Until I receive further wisdom regarding this, I’ll leave this message be. R.I.P. Alfonso Tasho Gordon


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